With so many options in the golf industry today we take pride in being able to provide the most selection in the range of tour proven equipment for our clients. Selecting a brand can sometimes be difficult, this is where my years of custom building & fitting comes into play. We have the ability to match any shaft with a multitude of OEM heads for your truly custom experience.

Brands we carry include:


PING is a family-owned company founded in 1959 in the garage of Karsten Solheim. Karsten’s frustration with his putting inspired him to design a putter, which made a “pinging”​ sound when striking a golf ball. Today, PING is synonymous with innovation, quality and service in the world of golf. Play your best golf.


Remarkably lightweight designs, revolutionary swing technologies, and unmatched dedication to moderate swing speed golfers. This is XXIO. Easier is more than a philosophy. XXIO Clubs increase speed without increasing effort, reducing the strain you experience during a round so you can stay strong through 18 and less fatigued on the 19th. Easier play means more play, more energy post-round, and far less strain on your body. With XXIO, you’ll play better golf and a lot more of it.


Srixon is dedicated to improving your game. A global leader in equipment and innovation, using our passion and expertise to develop products of the highest quality and performance that fit a wide range of players – including many of the world’s top professional players. Srixon offers a full range of golf clubs, golf balls, and accessories.

Cleveland Golf

Cleveland golf, featuring some of the industry’s leading technology in wedge play. Three tour-proven grinds feature a V shape with more leading edge bounce to help get the club head through the turf faster at impact. This promotes crisper feel and more consistent head speed for increased spin and control. New Tour Zip Grooves have a deeper, narrower U shape with a sharp edge radius in all lofts to enhance contact across a wide variety of conditions. Ranging from 46° to 64° lofts.


The new SIM family. No introduction is needed, gamed by the worlds top athletes. These are the clubs played by Collin Morikawa, Tiger Woods, Dustin Johnson, etc…The new Stealth line of clubs delivers the performance you seek in the stylish looks you want. With a complete product line of Irons, Hybrids, Fairway woods, and Drivers. TaylorMade is bound to have a club to suit your gaming needs.

Tour Edge Exotics

The new Full-Speed Impact design maximizes club head speed all the way through impact with a sloped crown and the Exotics famous SlipStream sole. Re-engineered Power Grid removes weight close to the face and repositions it in the rear portion of the sole. A true gem for any type of fairway lie or off the tee.


While the mere mention of a forged iron evokes the notion that forgings are only for the very best players in the game, EPON dispels that myth by providing forged designs for players of all skill levels. From low-handicap designs through game improvement models, there is an option for every player profile. What’s more, regardless of which EPON iron model your fitter recommends, you can be assured that your new set of EPON irons will provide the ultimate in feel at impact.

Hand Crafted forged irons by Miura

People are amazed that master craftsman Katsuhiro Miura, who is often referred to in the Japanese media as having the Hands of God, actually works hands-on in his factory every day. He passes down his knowledge and skills to his two sons, and even grinds the club heads himself as well.

His endless quest for the perfect club has brought to the world over 10 series of Miura clubs, a number that continually grows as he continues his meticulous refinement.

When golfers see a Miura club for the first time, and actually hold it in their hands, there is a common shared experience – LOVE at first sight. And like trying to define love, no words can seem to describe the absolute exhilaration one gets from swinging a Miura club, it is something that one needs to FEEL to discover.

The Bettinardi Mission

Precision milled putters, milled in the USA to ensure the best quality putter for PGA Touring pros and golf’s best amateur players alike. There are many ways to make a putter, but there is only one way to make a Bettinardi; Precision, Performance, & Excellence.