About Us

.       .My name is Patrick Francisco and I am a Master Club Technician, Certified Professional Club Fitter, and owner of Precise Golf Fitting Studio. With each and every club that I craft, I ensure my work is spotless and a perfect fit for my customers. I’ve worked on thousands of clubs and I’m always sure to elaborate on how much I believe in custom club fitting to inform customers it’s not only about the athlete’s abilities it is also about the clubs you have chosen, and how they are your tools to your success. I believe that custom-fitted golf clubs made to your specifications will improve your performance. While a personal fitting is the best way to take advantage of my skills, I do not stop there. From my 1,000 square-foot showroom and workshop to my hitting bay where my clients and I can have a one-on-one fitting to ensure the best outcome for the player. My goal as the owner and club technician is to create a bond between me and my customers and an understanding of what they need to play their best.

.       .As a custom shop, I can build a set from scratch with a fitted upgraded head, shaft, and grip, with special head weights and specialize in build-ups for those golfers who prefer to do so. I can also rebuild your current irons in the bag to make each club consistent within your set, or recommend a driver, shaft or head that will deliver longer and more accurate drives. As a custom club builder, I do have my quirks of course, as cast clubs are quite difficult to work with (bending and instant memory metal) I do not prefer to work with them. I can always modify clubs after a custom fitting as that is my guarantee. I encourage you to take part in our great quality at Precise Golf Fitting Studio. Please feel free to contact me to book an appointment for YOUR Custom Club Fitting just click on the Custom Fittings tab, morning fittings are preferred, but can always accommodate.

Thank you,
Patrick Francisco